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TRI384P - Street Triple 2023- Outer side panels-plain


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TRI384P - Triumph Street Triple 2023- Outer side panels - SET of 2

Made to order

OEM Part number:
T2310951-MP Side panels, RHS, Silver Ice
T2310951-CU Side panels, RHS, Carnival Red
T2310951-FJ Side panels, RHS, Cosmic Yellow
T2319909 Side panels, RHS, carbon yellow racing
T2319911 Side panels, RHS, carbon crystal white
T2310952-MP Side panels, LHS, Silver Ice
T2310952-CU Side panels, LHS, Carnival Red
T2310952-FJ Side panels, LHS, Cosmic Yellow
T2319908 Side panels, LHS, carbon yellow racing
T2319910 Side panels, LHS, carbon crystal white